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Galapagos News


Mangrove Finch Project Hatches Success

The future is looking slightly brighter for one of the world’s most endangered birds after the Charles Darwin Foundation (CDF) announced last week that it is once again rearing mangrove finch chicks in captivity.

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Pinzon Island Welcomes Baby Tortoises

It appears that Pinzon Island is experiencing a bit of a baby boom. Ten tiny-shelled saddleback tortoise hatchlings were spotted in December on the island for the first time in over a century. 

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Galapagos Land Birds Feast on Flowers

Have you tried the new flower diet? It seems to be sprouting up on menus all over the Galapagos for several species of land birds. 

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180-Day State of Emergency in Galapagos After Cargo Ship hits Rocks

A 180-Day state of emergency was declared in the Galapagos, after the cargo ship Floreana ran aground in San Cristobal's Wreck Bay. . .

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Charles Darwin Foundation shares a big "Gracias!" for Member and Donor Support

Many organizations ask for donations, but members and donors don't always get a personal thank you from the recipients of the support. Fortunately, that's not how the Charles Darwin Foundation rolls. . .

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Mangrove Finch Project Thriving with Community Involvement

Following a successful 2014, The Mangrove Finch Project flies into 2015 with a successful community-focused educational trip to Isabela Island. 

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IGTOA Reaches Charles Darwin Center Fundraising Goal of $75K

IGTOA is proud to announce that the goal of raising $75K to help prevent the Charles Darwin Foundation (CDF) avoid closure due to budgetary shortfalls was reached by the January 31, 2015 deadline. 

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Galapagos Authorities Call for State of Emergency in Freighter Accident

On Saturday, authorities in Ecuador called for a state of emergency to deal with the impacts of another freighter accident. 

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Another Freighter Runs Aground in the Galapagos

A freighter carrying 1,400 tons of produce and 13,000 gallons of fuel ran aground Wednesday in Wreck (Naufragio) Bay after leaving Puerto Baquerizo Moreno on San Cristobal Island.

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Our Interview with Swen Lorenz on the Budget Crisis at the Charles Darwin Foundation

A few weeks ago, IGTOA launched an emergency "Trip Your Impact" fundraising campaign to help the Charles Darwin Foundation (CDF) weather a serious year-end budgetary shortfall. We recently had the opportunity to chat with Lorenz about what caused the budget crisis, where things stand now, and what he envisions for the future of the CDF. 

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