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IGTOA Awards $10,000 to Ecology Project International to Educate and Inspire the Next Generation of Galapagos Leaders

In 2014, IGTOA will donate a total of $65,000 to four different organizations working to protect and preserve the Galapagos Islands. Ecology Project International will receive $10,000 to provide hands-on conservation training for Galapagos teens.

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First Mangrove Finch Hatched in Captivity

A Mangrove Finch chick was hatched in captivity for the first time ever last month. The momentous event took place at the Charles Darwin Research Station (CDRS) in Puerto Ayora, Galapagos. Since then, eleven more chicks have hatched as part of a captive rearing program that aims to bring the species back from the brink of extinction.

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Exciting Changes are Underway at the Charles Darwin Research Station

Big changes are underway the Charles Darwin Research Station (CDRS) in Puerto Ayora, which, when completed, should dramatically improve the quality of visitor experience there and provide a significant source of new revenue for the organization.

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Recap of IGTOA's 2013 Galapagos Guide Training Course, by Jim Lutz

During the week of November 18-22 I had the good fortune to attend International Galapagos Tour Operators Association's (IGTOA) Five Star Guiding in Five Days course at the Charles Darwin Research Station in Puerto Ayora. The course was led by Sam Ham, who is a renowned guide training expert, and Tom O'Brien, a highly experienced and knowledgeable guide from Lindblad Expeditions.

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Attention Galapagos Guides: Apply Today for our Free 'Five Star Guiding in Five Days' Course

We are pleased to announce that we are offering a free guide training course at the Charles Darwin Research Station on the island of Santa Cruz from November 18-22, 2013.

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IGTOA Donates $2300 for Emergency Pet Sterilization

IGTOA recently donated $2300 to the Galapagos Biosecurity Agency to conduct emergency pet sterilization campaigns on the islands of Isabela, Floreana, and Santa Cruz.

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Ashton Palmer Makes the “Dean’s List” of Travel Planners

IGTOA member ExpeditionTrips is proud to announce that Founder and President Ashton Palmer has been named a Condé Nast Traveler “2013 Top Travel Specialist” for Small-Ship Expeditions.

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IGTOA Featured on Green Global Travel

The popular eco-travel website Green Global Travel recently featured a story on IGTOA's efforts to support conservation and promote sustainable tourism in the Galapagos.

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Study: Human Activity Threatens Galapagos Sea Lions

A study conducted by the Zoological Society of London reveals that human influences, such as pets and pollution, are affecting the immune systems of endangered Galapagos sea lions.

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Ready, Set….Slow! Study Reveals that Galapagos Giant Tortoises Migrate

When most people think of terrestrial migratory species they’re likely to conjure up images of carib

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