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Why Join IGTOA

Note: Membership is open only to commercial and nonprofit organizations.

1. Demonstrate your commitment to the conservation and preservation of the Galápagos Islands.

By becoming an IGTOA Member, you will be joining us in our critically important mission to preserve the Galápagos Islands as a unique and priceless world heritage that will provide enjoyment, education, adventure and inspiration to present and future generations of travelers. Since 1995, IGTOA, its member companies, and their travelers have contributed hundreds of thousands of dollars to critical Galápagos conservation initiatives. To learn more click here.

2. Make your voice heard on important issues concerning the Galápagos.

As the only international coalition of Galápagos tour operators, IGTOA is an important and respected voice for safe, quality, responsible tourism in the Galápagos. By becoming a member, you can make your voice heard on the issues that matter to you. We use our collective voice to petition the government of Ecuador for proper funding, management and legal enforcement. And we support and encourage local people of the Galápagos to be stewards of their own natural heritage. IGTOA and its members work for high professional standards for the welfare and enrichment of their travelers. These include boat safety and emergency procedures, training of captains, crews, and guides

3. Gain credibility, trust and travelers.

As a member, your company’s profile will be featured in our Member Directory on our website. You can also feature our internationally respected and recognized logo on your website and other marketing materials. IGTOA Members enjoy a high degree of credibility and trust among prospective travelers and we regularly receive inquiries from travelers who are looking for trustworthy tour operators.

4. Stay current on important Galápagos news.

We monitor what’s happening in the Galápagos so you don’t have to. As a member, you will receive breaking news and regular updates on important information on what’s happening in the Galápagos, including changes to park rules, flight schedules, news from our conservation partners, and more.

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How to Join

For complete membership information, including benefits, categories of membership and fees, please contact our Executive Director, Matt Kareus, at

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