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Galapagos Resident Sentenced to Three Years in Prison for Sea Cucumber Violation

An Ecuadorian court recently sentenced a Galapagos resident to three years in prison for possessing and transporting sea cucumbers out of season.   

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A Sad Farewell to the San Cristobal Vermillion Flycatcher

Recently, the San Cristobal vermillion flycatcher became the first bird species to become exit in the Galapagos Islands since the arrival of humans. 

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Africa Berdonces is the New Director of the Galapagos National Park

Africa Berdonces is the new Director of the Galapagos National Park. 

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IGTOA Donates $15,000 to Help Galapagos Teens Become Conservation Leaders

Last month, IGTOA and its member companies awarded $15,000 to Ecology Project International in support of its mission to help young people in the Galapagos become the next generation of conservation leaders.

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IGTOA Spearheads Pioneering Galapagos Guide Training Initiative

Thanks to the efforts of IGTOA and the support of our member companies, the quality of guiding in the Galapagos Islands is primed to take a huge leap forward in 2016 and beyond.

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IGTOA Launches Campaign to Provide Clean Water to Ecuador's Earthquake Survivors

IGTOA and its member companies are partnering with the The Waterbearers and Waves for Water to purchase Sawyer clean water filtration systems, which will be distributed in the disaster zone immediately. 

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IGTOA Hails Landmark Ruling in Illegal Galapagos Fishing Case

Yesterday, the Galapagos National Park Directorate announced a landmark ruling in an illegal fishing case within the Galapagos Marine Reserve.  

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Isabela's Wolf Volcano Erupts for the First Time in 33 Years

The eruption has sparked concern over the well being of endangered pink iguanas and giant tortoises that live on the slopes of the volcano. 

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Massive Waves Batter Parts of the Galapagos

Last weekend, huge waves battered some coastal areas in the Galapagos Islands, causing damage to townships and raising fears about the well being of certain coastal species. 

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Galapagos National Park Releases Preliminary 2014 Visitor Report

The Galapagos National Park has completed an analysis of data provided by visitors who entered the protected areas of the Galapagos archipelago in 2014 and released some of the initial findings yesterday. 

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