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Groundbreaking IGTOA-Funded Pet Vaccination Program Protects Galapagos Wildlife

The following is a guest blog post by Tod Emko, founder of Darwin Animal Doctors (DAD), a non-profit organization that seeks to improve the lives of animals, ecosystems and people all over the world by providing communities with world-class veterinary care and humane education programs. DAD has been providing free veterinary care, including humane pet sterilization procedures, in the Galapagos Islands since 2010. Last year, IGTOA provided DAD with a $10,000 grant in support of its pet vaccination programs in the Galapagos Islands. 

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IGTOA in Action: Funding the Science Behind Galapagos Conservation

The following is a guest blog post by Theresa Pike Rhodes of the Charles Darwin Foundation, which received a $20,000 IGTOA grant in 2017.  

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Scientists Shine a Light on Shark Secrets in the Galapagos

The endangered scalloped hammerhead shark is shy and mysterious. Now, two new discoveries in the Galapagos may help to ensure their continued survival. 

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IGTOA is Now Accepting Grant Applications for 2018

Do you know of an organization or individual who is working to preserve and protect the remarkable natural heritage of the Galapagos Islands? They may be eligible to receive a Galapagos Traveler Conservation Fund grant from IGTOA.

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Coffee and Conservation: Can an Introduced Plant Do Good in the Galapagos?

Conservationists hope that building a market for local, shade-grown coffee in the Galapagos Islands will help restore vital Scalesia forests. 

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IGTOA Grant Funds Groundbreaking Floreana Island Restoration Project

The following is a guest blog posting by Chad Hanson, a Project Director with Island Conservation, which received a $25,000 IGTOA grant in 2017 in support of its Floreana Island Restoration Project. The project aims to remove harmful invasive species from Floreana Island, such as rats and cats, and to repatriate several iconic species that have gone extinct locally, including the Floreana Mockingbird and Floreana Giant Tortoise. 

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IGTOA Grant Empowers Local Youth to Become Galapagos Conservation Leaders

The following is a guest blog post by Lady Márquez and Juan Sebastian Torres from Ecology Project International (EPI), which received $25,000 in grants from IGTOA last year. 

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UNESCO Punts on Galapagos Tourism Growth Issue for Another Two Years

To conserve the Galapagos Islands, the United Nations wants Ecuador to develop a tourism strategy within two years that includes a moratorium on the construction of new tourism projects and that limits the number of flights. Can the fragile islands withstand the onslaught of visitors that long?

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The Galapagos Conservation Community Mourns the Passing of a Legend

Felipe Cruz, a pivotal figure in Galapagos conservation over the past three decades, has passed away. 

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Flying into the Clouds, the Great Frigate Bird Way

Great frigate birds fly as high as parts of the Rocky Mountains and stay aloft for as long as 56 days. According to a new study, that’s not all they can do. 

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