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Candice Gaukel Andrews

A multiple award-winning author and writer specializing in nature-travel topics and environmental issues, Candice has traveled around the world, from the Arctic Circle to Antarctica, and from New Zealand to Scotland's far northern, remote regions. Her assignments have been equally diverse, from covering Alaska’s Yukon Quest dogsled race to writing a history of the Galapagos Islands to describing and photographing the national snow-sculpting competition in her home state of Wisconsin. In addition to being a five-time book author, Candice's work has also appeared in several national and international publications, such as The Huffington Post and Outside Magazine Online. To read her web columns and see samples of her nature photography, visit her website at and like her Nature Traveler Facebook page at


When Is the Best Time to Visit the Galapagos Islands?

The Galapagos Islands have two, distinct seasons; each with its own set of benefits. When should you visit? Read these tips.

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Packing for a Galapagos Adventure, Part I: Clothing

Bringing the right clothing along when traveling to the Galapagos Islands can help you have the best experience possible. Use this packing list. 

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Packing for a Galapagos Adventure, Part II: Shore Landings and Documents

Packing for a Galapagos trip? Here is a comprehensive list of the travel documents you’ll need and the shore-landing items you’ll want to have handy. 

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A Changing Climate Is Changing Sea Lions’ Diets

As endangered Galapagos sea lions face increasing threats from climate change, they’re hunting bigger—but far more hazardous—prey. Will the strategy work?

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Human Healing May Be Hiding in Galapagos Cormorant Wings

Researchers recently sequenced the Galapagos cormorant’s genome to find out how its flightlessness evolved. And in the process, they may have discovered how to develop treatments for people with skeletal genetic disorders.

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Controlling an Invasive Fly, with Help from IGTOA

If tests show that an alien, parasitic wasp is the natural enemy of a fly species that is now devastating populations of Galapagos birds, these non-natives could soon be introduced to the famed islands.

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Giant Tortoise DNA Holds Clues to Human Longevity

The famous Galapagos giant tortoise Lonesome George died seven years ago. Today, however, he’s still teaching us about his now-extinct species. And in the process, he’s also instructing us on how we can live longer and disease-free lives.

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Rewilding Santiago Island with Land Iguanas

In one of the largest iguana reintroductions ever attempted, more than 1,400 Galapagos land iguanas were released on Santiago Island. Will rewilding work?

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The Alarming Plight of Galapagos Sharks

More than 40 species of sharks live in the waters surrounding the Galapagos Islands, 90 percent of which are on the IUCN Red List of threatened species. Now, an overfishing crisis could cause these sharks to disappear forever. Read this Washington Post article.

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10 Things the Galapagos Islands Taught Me in 2018

Let’s take a look back through 2018 and discover what the Galapagos Islands had to show us—and are still teaching!

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