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Galapagos News

No Damage Reported in Galapagos after Tsunami Alert

Residents evacuated to higher ground. Some big waves, but no damage. Tsunami alert lifted.


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Tortoise Release Part of Pinta Island Restoration

Team of Veterinarians Prepare Hybrid Tortoises for Release on Pinta Island in 2010

In November

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Special Report: Climate Change and Galapagos

_The Galapagos Islands are at the cutting edge of science again – this time as the unfortunate bellw

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Galapagos Sea Lions in Peru!

Scientists report colony of Galápagos sea lions in northern Peru

The Organization for Research

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Captive Galapagos Tortoises Give Hope for “Extinct” Species

_New genetic research has identified nine captive giant tortoises as descendants of an “extinct” spe

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Discovery of Immune Response Give Hope for Galapagos Birds

A new study shows that Galapagos’ birds may be able to develop immunities to introduced viruses and

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Changes coming to Galapagos boat itineraries

The Galapagos National Park will roll out new (and much needed) regulations that will impact boat it

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Galapagos reptiles under new threat

Viruses and other mosquito-born diseases are known threats to the native bird life of the Galapagos.

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Diesel leak from Galapagos ship impacts Santa Cruz Island

Quito - A diesel leak from a tourist ship polluted a 100-metre stretch along a beach in the island o

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Ship Grounding in Galapagos

QUITO – The Peruvian training ship Mollendo caused no environmental damage to the Galapagos coast wh

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