Ray Rodney

Board Member

Ray plans and manages Wilderness Travel's Special Events, educational travel programs on archaeology, natural history, total solar eclipses, and other themes. These programs feature well-known experts in their fields, often renowned people such as Jane Goodall, Sir Edmund Hillary, Mary Leakey, George Schaller, Reinhold Messner, Thor Heyerdahl, Kris Tompkins, and Alex Honnold. Ray resided in Kathmandu, Nepal, for over 10 years, where he directed academic study programs, taught English, consulted in development projects, and worked as a cultural and trekking guide. He has explored many regions of Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan, India, and Mongolia, has an extensive knowledge of Asian history, ecology, and religion, and continues to guide trips in Asia whenever he has the opportunity. Ray also manages Wilderness Travel's approach to responsible travel, implementing measures to protect the environmental and cultural legacies of the areas visited by travelers, including the Galapagos Islands. In this role, Ray coordinates Wilderness Travel's funding of a variety of conservation and cultural groups, and actively supports a number of organizations dedicated to responsible travel, such as the Adventure Travel Conservation Fund and Friends of Serengeti, both of which Wilderness Travel joined as founding members. Ray represented Wilderness Travel as one of the original founders of IGTOA and has remained an ongoing supporter.

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