Why Travel with an IGTOA Member?

1. Because your Galápagos adventure should be the trip of a lifetime.

Our Members are the most experienced, knowledgeable, and respected Galápagos tour operators in the world. So when you travel with an IGTOA member, you can rest assured that you are traveling with a reputable company dedicated to providing you with the most safe, rewarding and memorable trip possible.

2. Because you care about the future of the Galápagos Islands.

Our member companies have made a substantial commitment to preserving and protecting the Galápagos Islands. Through IGTOA’s Galápagos Traveler Conservation Fund, they, with the generous support of thousands of travelers, have contributed over $600,000 to critical conservation initiatives in the Galápagos Islands. By traveling with an IGTOA member company, you can help us protect and preserve the Galápagos Islands and ensure that tourism remains a positive force there.

3. Because you want to travel with security and peace of mind.

You might be able to save a little money by booking your trip with a discount operator or wholesaler. But before you do, ask yourself what recourse you’ll have if that company doesn’t live up to its promises. Or worse, what will happen if you are injured on your trip? IGTOA members are insured and bonded so that you can rest assured that you’ll be taken care of in the unlikely event that something goes wrong on your trip.

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