Help Us Protect the Galápagos

To meet the already massive and constantly growing task of preserving the Galápagos, IGTOA and its member companies have created the Galápagos Traveler Funding Program, a simple way for visitors to contribute to critical conservation and sustainable development projects and support important scientific research in the Galápagos Islands.

Participating IGTOA members asks their guests for a donation when they pay for their trip. Many members add this donation as a $50 per person optional line item to their guests' invoices. Guests who do not wish to make a donation can simply cross this item off of their invoice and they won't be charged.

By participating in the program and making a small donation to the Galápagos Traveler Funding Program, you will play in active part in IGTOA's mission to preserve the Galápagos Islands as a priceless world heritage for generations to come.

Why does Galápagos need my help?

The Galápagos Islands are at a critical time in their evolution. Powerful forces - introduced species of plants, animals, insects, and viruses; over-population; and tourism itself - are threatening to destroy this priceless world heritage. The islands have a chance of surviving only if the travel industry, and travelers themselves, unite to form broad and lasting support. You'll learn much more in the videos provided by your IGTOA tour company when you sign up for your trip.

Aren't park fees enough?

Only a small percentage of the Galápagos Park entry fee makes its way to the local community or the Galápagos National Park. None of it goes to the Charles Darwin Research Station, an organization that is vital to Galápagos' survival. A supplemental source of funds is urgently needed. Your additional funding fills critical gaps and gives tourism an important, direct role in conservation.

What will my support do?:

Your donation will support IGTOA's mission of creating a model of responsible and sustainable tourism in the Galápagos. We define this as:

For more information on IGTOA funding, see Projects & Funding

How will I benefit?

You'll travel knowing that you support the lasting protection of Galápagos. You'll be part of a new model of sustainable tourism.

Your contribution gives you free shipping from Longitude Books, which has a large selection of natural history and travel books.

How can I be part of the solution?

Travel with an IGTOA member who takes part in our Traveler Funding Program. You can see a list of participating companies by clicking here. They will send information when you make your reservation with them. Or you can make a voluntary contribution directly to IGTOA.

For more information, contact IGTOA at

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