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Study: Human Activity Threatens Galapagos Sea Lions

Date: July 10, 2013

A study conducted by the Zoological Society of London reveals that human influences, such as pets and pollution, are affecting the immune systems of endangered Galapagos sea lions.

The study found that Galapagos sea lions on the inhabited island of San Cristobal had more active immune systems than sea lions on the uninhabited island of Santa Fe. The study's authors argue that this could indicate that the San Cristobal sea lions face greater threats of infection than the Sante Fe sea lions, due to exposure to pets and untreated sewage that is dumped into the bay near San Cristobal.

The study also found that San Cristobal sea lions had a thinner than normal layer of blubber, which is often a sign of poor health.

The study argues that impaired immune systems affect sea lions's ability to hunt, making them more prone to starvation.

To read the full story, click here.

Matt Kareus

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