Fuel Surcharge for Galapagos Flights Goes into Effect on January 1, 2012

The Government of Ecuador recently announced that ticket prices for air transport in Ecuador will increase on January 1, 2012 because it is eliminating its 40% subsidy for local aviation fuel. The move is expected to save the country of Ecuador US$92 million. The price increases will affect all passengers, including those flying to the Galapagos, through Quito and Guayaquil. The subsidy will not be eliminated for governmental domestic airports. 

Passengers on Aerogal flights will be charged an additional $100 for roundtrip flights. Passengers on Tame flights will be charged an additional $120 for roundtrip flights through Guayaquil and $140 for roundtrip flights through Quito. Passengers will be charged the additional fee regardless of when their tickets were issued. The fee may be paid in cash or with a major credit card. 

Aerogal's new published fares for travel to and from the Galapagos for 2012 are as follows:

 Route                                High Season   Low Season

GYE-Galapagos-GYE       $483.95           $440.27

UIO-Galapagos-GYE        $510.15           $460.87

GYE-Galapagos-UIO        $507.47           $456.87

UIO-Galapagos-UIO         $533.67           $478.79

High Season:  July, August, December

Low Season:  Rest of the year  

For more information, please contact your tour operator. 

Image: Constantine Evans

Matt Kareus

Matt is the Executive Director of IGTOA.

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