Ocean Spray

Created by volcanic activity deep within the Earth’s crust under the ocean, the Galapagos Islands rose—and are still rising—from the sea. Any exploration of these one-of-a-kind and wondrous isles, then, should include an investigation of the waters around them. Engaging with the islands and their unique marine ecosystems is an integral part of any trip to the Galapagos.

That’s why the time you spend in the sea—as well as on it—should be just as pleasurable and memorable as the time you spend on land. A voyage on the Ocean Spray, a stabile, mega catamaran, provides the means for having just as much fun on the water as you will on the islands and shores you visit.

Constructed in 2012, the 113-foot Ocean Spray is a 16-passenger, nine-cabin catamaran. It boasts some of the largest cabins on any small yacht in the Galapagos. Four of its double cabins on the main deck measure 334 square feet; and four, double cabins on the upper deck measure 248 square feet. There is one single cabin measuring 194 square feet. All have air-conditioning, bathrooms en suite, large windows and private balconies. You’ll have access to a TV, DVD, laptop and small library.  

Buffet-style and plated meals aboard the Ocean Spray are either served in the elegant, indoor dining room; or, when weather and sea conditions allow, on the upper deck where there’s an alfresco bar and tables. Purified water, teas, coffees and hot chocolates are always on hand. 

On the sundeck of the Ocean Spray, you’ll find a Jacuzzi for relaxing soaks and plenty of lounge space to take in the unparalleled equatorial sunsets. For sea explorations, snorkel equipment; shortie wetsuits; eight, inflatable, tandem sea kayaks; and two, eight-person, inflatable dinghies are available. And simpatico with the vessel’s name, your voyage on the Ocean Spray will be carbon offset to protect the Galapagos Islands and the waters that are so much a part of them. 

With its large, comfortable cabins; varied ways to explore and commune with the ocean; and eco-friendly ethic, a Galapagos Islands adventure on the Ocean Spray will truly be a land- and “sea-worthy” trip.

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International Wildlife Adventures


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ROW Adventures


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Galapagos is our ONLY destination. We lived there, and continue to maintain very close contacts with key people in the tourism and conservation communities. Let us help you design your own personal Galapagos cruise experience ba...


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Geographic Expeditions


Geographic Expeditions offers a varied portfolio of overland tours, treks, walks, and expeditionary voyages to the world's most astonishing places. GeoEx offers Private Journeys for groups, families, and couples, as well as sche...


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Yampu Tours


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Natural Habitat Adventures


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Adventure Life


A leader in Galapagos travel, our cruises combine natural, ecological multisport exploration. We've selected only the best yachts in operation for our Galapagos cruises, offering incredible variety and the most comprehensive se...


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AdventureSmith Explorations


Award winning Galapagos Cruise experts. Our huge selection of Galapagos Cruises Land Based Adventures are designed to bring travelers into close contact with the nature and wildlife of the Galapagos Islands in safety and comfor...


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Vaya Adventures


Vaya Adventures has specialized in the highest quality custom travel experiences to South & Central America since 2004. We offer a carefully chosen selection of the finest small vessels (12-36 passengers) in the Galapagos. We ...


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