Galapagos Conservation Partner Program

IGTOA is proud to partner with some of the finest passenger vessels in the Galapagos Islands through our Galapagos Conservation Partner Program (GCPP). The GCPP is an invitation-only category of IGTOA membership exclusively for live aboard vessels that actively support IGTOA’s mission to protect and preserve the Galapagos Islands and to help ensure that tourism remains a positive force there. GCPP members make a significant contribution to Galapagos conservation through their ongoing support of IGTOA’s Galapagos Traveler Conservation Fund, which provides critical financial support to the people and organizations working on the front lines of Galapagos conservation. By booking your Galapagos cruise on one of the GCPP vessels featured below through an IGTOA member company, you can support our mission as well and help us protect this priceless world heritage.


Galapagos Odyssey


Altogether, the Galapagos Islands are known as the “Enchanted Isles.” While day tours and island-hopping programs can give you a good, overall introduction to some of the more easily reached islands, to explore those that are more far-flung, you’ll...

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MY Letty


Ecoventura is a recognized leader in sustainable tourism in the Galapagos Islands, and has offered life-enriching experiences since 1990 with their signature identical first-class expedition yachts; the MY Eric and Letty.  These 20-passenger yachts cater...

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MV Origin


Launched in February 2016, the MV ORIGIN offers a combination of understated luxury and eco-friendliness. This sizable super yacht cuts through the waves with remarkable speed and...

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Each of the Galapagos Islands has its own character. From the cloud forests in the highlands of Santa Cruz to the flamingo-filled lagoons of Floreana, every isle has a unique history and signature nature. And your voyage to them should be just as...

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The Galapagos petrel is a large, long-winged bird that floats on air currents. Swift and elegant, it makes no noise while flying over the sea. And just like its namesake, the 115-foot, luxury catamaran Petrel will impress you from the moment you step...

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MY Eric


Ecoventura is a recognized leader in sustainable tourism in the Galapagos Islands, and has offered life-enriching experiences since 1990 with their signature identical first-class expedition yachts...

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San Jose


Explorers and eager headers-into-the-new are a migratory sort, willing to travel thousands of miles in order to be “there.” For some of us, “there” is the glorious Galapagos Islands, where birds don’t...

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Galapagos Sky


For experienced scuba diver, the MV Galapagos Sky, a luxury dedicated dive liveaboard offers  trips on 7-night itineraries for world class scuba diving year round. Divers spend 3 full days at the remote...

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Galapagos Sea Star Journey


The Galapagos Sea Star Journey is a boutique yacht specially designed to offer a cozy environment while enjoying the nature. Built to fit 16 passengers, the service onboard is 100% personalized lead by the cruise director and local crew...

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Treasure of Galapagos


It’s fitting that a world treasure like the Galapagos Islands would reveal riches both expected and surprising. You already know, for instance, that Las Islas Encantadas are an utterly unique, natural masterpiece. You’ve read about the islands’ wildlife: so...

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Galapagos Seaman Journey


The Galapagos Seaman Journey is the First Class catamaran of the Galapagos Journey Fleet. The facilities onboard have been thought to pamper every guest through a comfortable and cozy environment. The catamaran welcome 16 passengers...

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Ocean Spray


Constructed in 2011, the 113-foot Ocean Spray is a 16-passenger, nine-cabin catamaran. It boasts some of the largest cabins on any small yacht in the Galapagos. Four of its double cabins on the main deck measure 334 square feet; and four, double... 

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Archipel I


Carrying only 16 guests, each of these 88-foot-long, motor catamarans offers eight, bright cabins; all on the main deck above the waterline. Two of the rooms have a double bed, and six have two twin beds. Every cabin has air-conditioning, two windows ...

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