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IGTOA is Now Accepting Grant Applications for 2018

Date: October 10, 2018

IGTOA is now accepting 2018 Galapagos Traveler Conservation Fund grant applications. If you know of an organization or individual working to protect and preserve the Galapagos Islands that you would like to nominate to receive an IGTOA grant, please email Matt Kareus, IGTOA's Executive Director, at

The deadline to submit a grant application is November 8, 2018. IGTOA's board of directors will review all of the grant requests and make decisions by early December. Funds will be awarded prior to the end of the year. 

Since 1996, IGTOA and its member companies have awarded over $1 million in grants to support critical conservation initiatives in the Galapagos Islands. And nearly half of those funds were awarded in just the last seven years. Together, we have helped to improve the biosecurity of the Galapagos Archipelago, funded cutting-edge scientific research, provided world-class environmental educational programs for the archipelago's young people, and more.

With your ongoing support we can and will continue to make a real difference in the Galapagos Islands! 

Matt Kareus

Matt is the Executive Director of IGTOA.


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