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Stranded Galapagos Passenger Vessel Breaks up on Rocks

Date: May 5, 2015

IGTOA has learned from an anonymous source that the Tip Top II ,16-passenger yacht that ran aground near Tortuga Bay on April 24th, has broken up on the rocks. 

The vessel ran aground on Friday, April 24th near the town of Puerto Ayora, on the island of Santa Cruz. All 16 passengers and eight crew members on board were quickly rescued by passenger vessels in the area and there were no official reports of injuries. This is the first major accident involving a passenger vessel in the islands in several years. 

There still doesn't seem to be any official word on what caused the accident or whether there has been or will be any environmental damage as a result. We'll keep you posted on any new developments. 


Matt Kareus

Matt is the Executive Director of IGTOA.


You Lie
over 6 years ago

This article is a blatant lie. The coast guard had to be called in as the Ships captain was drunk and the boat ran aground at 2:30 AM. Several passengers were badly hurt.

Al Saunders
about 6 years ago

I was a passenger on Tip Top II April 24 2015 that crashed. Still waiting for an official repot. Not good for future tourism

Ruthie koval
about 6 years ago

I was also a passenger on the Tip Top II . Here are some facts: The Tip Top II ran aground at 2.09AM on April 24,2015. on a remote lava rock island. The ship kept listing fast and took on water from the bottom. We were hanging on,- and fearing for our lives in our nightgowns for 3 hours on the top deck of the ship. There were NO instructions from the crew! At around 5PM the Ecuadorian coast guard came to save our lives. During the emergency rescue many serious injuries happened to us. We were first brought to a clinic in the Galapagos, then to a hospital in Quito and finally had our final operations and continued care back home in the USA.

Passenger with Broken Arm
about 6 years ago

I also was a passenger who suffered a broken arm. I can tell you the experience was horrific. We have been trying to get information from Tip Top II. To this day, they have ignored our requests for an official report. They have not even sent any passengers an apologize for this near death experience. Their treatment of us is inexcusable. We are optimistic that they will do the right thing. If they do not, our story will be told.

about 6 years ago

I was also on the Tip Top II that crashed into the lava rocks. We were extremely lucky that the Ecuadorean Coast Guard rescued us. I am very interested in Matt Kareus's comments regarding the captain of our ship at the time of the crash. I also would like to know why and how three of our crew members were able to escape our sinking ship before any other passengers and crew members were rescued by the coast guard?

Nancy Campbell
about 6 years ago

I was also a passenger on this ship. All articles I read on line say several ships in the area rescued us. This is not true. Fortunately the Ecuadorean Coast Guard came after several hours and rescued us. No other ships were involved. Reports that there were only minor injuries is also untrue. Several people were seriously injured. Let's be sure that the true facts are known.

Ken Lawrence
about 6 years ago

I am planning on traveling with the tour agency that chartered the Tip Top II for its final disastrous voyage. I would like to discover/uncover what role the travel packager played in the events following the crash onto the reefs of Galapagos. Specifically, what did the tour director do after the crash, etc. Please keep me informed as the the TRUTH is evinced.

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