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Archive - August 2017


The Crew of the Chinese Fishing Boat Caught in Galapagos Waters is Headed for Prison

An Ecuadorian court has sentenced the officers and crew of the Chinese ship caught with 300 tons of fish, including 6,600 shark carcasses, to prison. The Fu Yuan Yu Leng 999 was detained by authorities about 40 miles north-east of San Cristobal, within the Galapagos Marine Reserve (GMR), on August 13th.  

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Galapagos Authorities Seize 300 Tons of Fish and Shark Carcasses

At 6 a.m. on Sunday, August 13th, the captain of a Galapagos National Park patrol vessel noticed something odd on his radar: a very large ship. Because the waters of the Galapagos Marine Reserve are severely restricted, he attempted to contact the ship, but received no answer. After several more unsuccessful attempts to make contact, Pelayo Salinas, an Ecuadorian Navy officer who also works for the Charles Darwin Foundation, and three others, jumped in a Zodiac and gave chase.

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